Glass tiles are the most popular provisioning for kitchen walls and indoor accent walls. Not only they are beautiful but also they are quite durable. They look magnificent as kitchen walls and backsplash. Glass tiles are present in wide color options and designs. And it can be a tricky affair to pick the right tile which would suit and enhance the styling of your specific room.

Majestic Ocean 1x2x4mm Crystallized Glass Tile

Clear Glass Wall Tile

Clear glass tiles are clear and transparent with a colorful background. They give the glossy shine to your walls. They look super stylish, super beautiful and are quite a popular wall surfacing option. However, they come with a deep draw back. Being clear glass material, clear glass tiles easily catch scratches and get dirty. They are not a very much-suggested material for kitchen backsplash and bathroom walls. They are also not advised to be used for heavy traffic.

Glass Mosaic Tile

Glass blend or glass mosaic tile is surely a perfect solution for kitchen and bathroom walls. Glass mosaic tile is strong, durable, and unique in style. It is known for its unique, luxurious appeal. Glass mosaic tiles are made by blending glass pieces with pieces of other materials as stone, metal, ceramic and porcelain tile.  

Glass tiles are present in different styles, sizes, and patterns. You can optimize them as per your preferences. Check out the incredible range of premium glass tiles from FindstoneUS here -