home decor pieces with a backstory and inspired by natureNature-inspired decorating ideas and nature-inspired home decor are essential to bringing a breath of fresh air to your living space. To make that possible, we bring to you nature-inspired interior design, decorative accessories for floors, walls, entrances, and landscape, and we will be showing you how to decorate with natural elements.

If you would like to offer your home more contrast and visual depth, we recommend layering in some natural materials. They’re the key ingredient every room must create a dynamic space that doesn’t fall through. (Literally and figuratively.) Natural materials add beautiful texture to your space. But that’s not the sole reason to like natural elements. They’re also super versatile, going even as well with modern and glam spaces like mid-century and coastal interior design. It’s a trend that’s a reception in homes of all styles! The natural materials trend was one among our favorite trends of 2020—and has continued to be into 2021! But natural home decor, while having a classy moment, is quite timeless. So, even when natural materials are not any longer a top trend, they’ll still give your home a timeless and relevant look. We love pieces with staying power!

Raw materials

Perhaps one among the fastest growing trends in interior design is that the incorporation of raw materials. From modern to traditional raw materials can blend into any space. Wood stump tables are an excellent example of natural decor at their finest. Taking something so simple and familiar and turning it into a press release piece is certain to make a conversation together with your guests. A tad less literal is that the addition of live edge furniture. The organic lines and color variations of the wood instantly create your room's statement piece.

Set up a terrarium

It might sound fancy, but a “terrarium” is just a see-through container to display small houseplants, like miniature cacti. Terrariums became trendy over the past few years, and are available in empty or pre-decorated varieties. When hung in strategic locations, terrariums can transform humble houseplants into striking, suspended centerpieces for any room. Plus, they’re fun to assemble with the kids!

Jute Rug

Made of dried plant fibers, jute may be a very durable and virtually maintenance-free natural material—making it the right choice for a low-maintenance and affordable rug! Most jute or other natural fiber rugs feature a woven texture in neutral colors—some during a more solid-color weave, others woven with stripes and other patterns. Jute rugs are quite versatile. They’re an ideal sort of rug for coastal, boho, rustic, and eclectic spaces. And they’re also great for layering! They create a durable and neutral base, on top of which you'll layer a smaller colorful, decorative rug!

Use materials from the wildlife

Countless design elements are either inspired by or sourced directly from nature. Some trendy examples include branches, fur (or faux fur), leaves, pine cones, and stone, like stone flooring or decorative gemstones.