Travertine tiles and mosaics are growing in popularity due to their dense and durable nature and the vast color and style range they carry. However, like any asset, a little care goes a long way to maintain them at their best.

Travertine is a porous material. Sealing is a must. If not it is prone to absorb liquids which will cause staining. It will also protect your investment if wrong cleaning products are used by immature cleaning maid services. Should there be any spills you need to spring into action and immediately use a damp cloth to clean the spillage.

First step is to swipe and wipe the travertine tiles and remove loose dust from the surface. Vacuum cleaners might not do the magic. Next, using a clean microfiber cloth of warm water, yes just pure water. You could use the latest mop with squeeze technology which comes with bucket as well. Make sure that floor is not left wet. Removing any leftover moisture will prolong the life of tiles.

Very important to avoid any acid cleaners like lemon, orange, vinegar etc with any harsh chemicals like ammonia or bleach as they can cause substantial damage.