RightBad penny tile installation can ruin even the best of penny tile backsplash. To help you not make the same mistakes, we are here to tell you how to finish the edge of penny tile, how to install penny tile backsplash. With our 4 easy ways to finish tile edges and penny tile installation tips, you will be game-ready in no time.

Move over subway tile, there’s a replacement tile trend that’s back and here to remain. Penny-round tile has been around for over a century. Its quaint quality offers a sensible look on walls, floors, and ceilings and pairs especially well with brass fixtures and marble sinks. almost like subway tile, it’s a reasonable yet stylish choice and may be found in any big box home store for practical pennies per sq ft.

What is Penny Tile?

Penny Tiles (also referred to as Penny Rounds) are small, circular tiles typically ¾” in diameter (you know… penny-sized). They first showed up in kitchens and bathrooms within the early 1900s. While you'll find glass, ceramic, stone, and metal penny tiles, most frequently they’re made up of porcelain, and are available in many pretty color choices!

Penny Tile within the Bathroom

The bathroom is the commonest place to seek out penny tiles. Mostly because all that grout makes the bottom a touch extra slip-proof! But don’t limit yourself to the floor!

Color and Patterns of Penny Tile

When they first came on the scene, penny tiles were known for the classic white and black look. Today, they need to expand into a good range of colors and patterns. and therefore the use of any of those shades and patterns will only make your space even more fabulous because there's no wrong choice for whatever décor style you've got. An equally wonderful search for your space is made when multiple colors of penny tile are combined during a bold random pattern, which leads us to the simplest ways and spaces to use penny tile which will inspire you.

Best Ways and Spaces to Use Penny Tile

Penny tiles have a timeless appeal and are an ideal choice for any space new or old. Here are some great ways to use them.

Penny Tile Kitchen Backsplashes

While penny tiles aren’t always the primary choice for kitchens, the multitude of colors and shades available can assist you to create patterns that suit your kitchen style perfectly. Considering a penny tile backsplash is excellent thanks to highlighting your interior décor. albeit you've got a really simple, white kitchen, a penny tile backsplash will spruce it up!


When it involves bathrooms, penny tiles can easily claim the title of loveliest Bathroom Tile. These teeny tiles look even as good in modern bathrooms as they are doing in traditional or maybe vintage ones. As bathroom flooring, penny tiles add a stunning texture underfoot. you'll even take your decor one step further by carrying your bathroom penny tiles from the ground up to the wall to make a shockingly bold statement. They’re also an honest choice for accents – use penny tiles as stripes in your shower or maybe place them directly underneath your bathroom mirror to make your bathroom feel larger and lighter.