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If you are one of those, who prefer to decorate and renovate their home ambiance by yourself, this section is certainly for you. is offering you heaps of home improvement products which you can use and install them on your own, without seeking any help from a professional tiller. You just need to awaken your artisan alter-ego, and read the instructions, and just DIY, Do It Yourself!

We have dedicated the entire category to DIY tiles and stones. You can apply and install the flooring pattern by yourself, and you can give a makeover to your existing countertop, without depending upon a professional’s appointment.

Here in the series, we have assorted a wide range of DIY countertops, and a few DIY tiles, which you can install, by doing it yourself. It comes with an added advantage – you do not have to pay lofty installation charges to the tiler, as you do it on your own. offers easy-to-use-and-install tiles and countertops at affordable rates. We offer the lowest rates on DIY tiles and countertops; if you are getting a cheaper deal for the same product, please tell us, we will drop our prices too.