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Borders & Inserts

At times, tiling pattern, which doesn’t have any borders and inserts, fails to procreate an eloquent ambiance. With suitable borders and inserts in your tiling pattern, you can style your walls and floors more appealingly. Sometimes, inserts are installed purposely as backsplashes in kitchens. offers a wide-stretched array of borders and inserts.

In the series, you can find heaps of colors, shades and patterns of border and insert tiles. To name a few, we have Tulsa Beige, Emperador Cornerless Border, Quartzite Metal Blend Border, Mix Glass/Stone Border, Tuscany Gold/Classic Border, Gold Travertine Border, Autumn Border, Emperador Dark Border, Yellow Onyx Border, Multi Classic Border, Meral Black Silver Border, Rain Forest Border, Pewter Metal Scudo Insert, Bronze Metal Insert, Silver Metal Insert, Pewter Rope insert, etc. These shades and patterns are present in standard sizes. In addition to, they come in Glazed, Polished, Tumbled, and Metal finish.

You can employ our border and insert tiles at any flooring and wall tiling pattern. If you have any confusion in pattern planning, you can speak to us. Our tile experts will help you get a pleasant design idea. is a topflight stone and tile supplier in the US, having the largest conglomeration of borders and inserts. We promisingly offer the lowest prices on borders and inserts.