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Meshed Pebbles | Yellow / Gold

Meshed pebbles tiles carve a tantalizing look for your home or office interior or exterior. accrues a diverse collection of meshed pebbles stone tiles that give a really beauteous look to your premises. Tiny pebbles have been assembled and fixed into a tile wiring to create these patterns.

We are offering meshed pebbles tiles that have cute, natural tiny stones fixed together, forming different beautiful patterns. We have tile patterns of Black Pebbles, Mixed Pebbles, Red Pebbles (with rocks of different shades of red), White Pebbles, Yellow Pebbles, Black and White Pebbles (with interlocking), Flat Buff Pebbles, Flat Charcoal Pebbles, Flat Honey Onyx, Flat Mixed Pebbles, and Flat White Pebbles. These patterns will be available in polished, tumbled, and natural finish.

These tiles come with a great applicability; you can instate them in your bathroom, kitchens, interior walls, exterior walls, etc. When installed, these tiles cultivate an out of the box environment. In addition to, you can use these tiles for the decoration of water bodies and pathways. gives you access to the widest collection of stones and tiles in the US. We have the lowest prices on Meshed Pebbles, If you are getting the same product at lower prices from a considerable vendor, tell us, and we will offer you a new lower price.